Hello! I am Jorge Cruz, and along with my business partner “Lefty,” I am thrilled to introduce Tepache Gold ™.

Tepache Gold ™ is a fermented pineapple beverage dating back to the time of the Aztecs.

Thank you for letting me share a family recipe and an important part of my Mexican heritage. It fulfills my desire to share traditions that go back many generations.

I am proud to announce my family’s recipe is now available in three lip-smacking flavors – Traditional, Spicy Mango, and Wellness Blend – and I invite you to support our goal of bringing traditional healthy probiotic beverages to the masses.

 It is our heartfelt desire that you will fall in love with our vision to quench thirsts with only the best ingredients, all organic fruits and spices.

With your enthusiastic support of small business like ours, we guarantee Tepache Gold ™ will continue to make more delicious flavors in the near future.

Brooklyn Born. Aztec Roots.

Tepache Gold ™. It’s not just a beverage. It’s an attitude.